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Showcase Boat Models and Custom Offerings with the Help of an Experienced WordPress Web Developer

Whether a new or existing build, you can leverage WordPress to attract customers by beautifully presenting photos and videos of available boat models across motor, sail and commercial vessels showcasing their customizable options. An experienced WordPress Web Developer can help make this happen by being able to add these types of features into the mix of your WordPress development project or existing WordPress website. Choosing one option for a new build is typically easy, choosing from several can be daunting. With innovative effort, you can easily offer packages or allow people to understand on a more granular level the different types of items they have to consider on a new boat build.

Accept Marine Project Commission Details with Custom Workflows Built on WordPress

WordPress Plugins can enable prospects to securely submit custom offshore marine project details, gain quotes, and hire boat builders right through online commission forms and processes. You can also manage obtaining prerequisites centrally that would otherwise take a great amount of administrative time. You might have been an exhibitor at a major boat show and need a mechanism that a developer needs to help you build so that you can follow-up with or funnel those prospects into the final stages of an agreement. Your WordPress website can be the perfect place to do this and the net result is a savings of time for your sales staff and the prospect/purchaser.

Central Hubs for Industry News That Help Your SEO are Easy with WordPress

Position your website as an authority in boat building with blogs covering emerging marine tech, regulations, safety standards, industry analysis, and profiles on the innovators in your company and the partnerships you have to provide superior products. WordPress has the most powerful blogging and content management mechanisms bundled within it by default in order to quickly get this news and promotional content on the internet. You do, however, need someone to configure this in an optimum fashion for it to perform well. SEO is important. The more you can be found for, the better you will do, but it takes someone that understand the true ins and outs of the more complex details of how this works than the typical web designer. Most agencies quite simply don't have the time to do this right. Fortunately, you found me here didn't you!

Organize Crew and Staff on Your Website with Portals and Internal Features

Set up a private portal with helpful info and documentation like operations manuals, weather data, personnel notices, and discussion forums for on or offshore crews and staff as well as your sales and administrative team. Gone are the days of the pinup bulletin board. We still all have them, but today's employees are on the move, especially in the boat building industry. They may be working a large portion of their schedules remotely and need access to one central employee hub. WordPress provides the backbone to add features like this to your site to empower your team to collaborate more easily and embrace and access the online tools they actively use in one central location.

Interactive 3D Boat Configurators Put Your Customers at the Helm of Customization

Let clients visually customize and preview potential boats with plugins offering WordPress 3D model configurators that can be used for boats before making buying decisions. They often want to see how different additions look and get a feel for whether it's worth it to them cost wise without second guessing themselves. Boosting confidence in a new purchaser is key and adding features that can help contribute to this is at the top of many boat building companies priority lists. People also like to dream for a day when they'll be ready to make the purchase and this helps them keep the passion. It's these building blocks of passion that often lead them to the ultimate purchase. Keeping their dream alive can fuel your future sales and bottom line, which is why mechanisms like these are so popular.

Managing Refit, Repair and Maintenance Projects and Customers Right on Your Website

It's important to integrate your WordPress site with tools like Trello, Asana, Slack and Microsoft Teams to collaborate on timelines, statuses and planning for complex boat refurbishment and repair projects. These often need to integrate and sync with third party CRM systems while there is a system that gives customers a centralized location to check status on their repairs, provide approvals and track the progress should the maintenance work fit within a schedule or be ongoing and continuous. One less phone call is saved employee administration time and many customers actually prefer not to be on the phone these days. With one area they can check on your website for status, you don't keep them guessing or allow frustration to build up while they wait for status phone calls back.

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