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A Technical WordPress Designer for Ambulance Companies That Understands Online Appointment Scheduling and Fleet Management.

Allow patients to schedule non-emergency ambulance transportation to appointments directly through the website. This is efficient and convenient and a process for this that's iron-clad is something that many ambulance service companies lack in their web design. People just don't want to submit contact forms and wait for responses back anymore and some form of realtime appointment scheduling can make or break your non-emergency scheduling demand. It's not uncommon for people to bounce through a couple providers until they find the experience they are comfortable with. We handle addition of advanced features for WordPress and also handle WordPress Repair. In addition, WordPress can be integrated with all kinds of fleet management systems.

Detailed Insurance Information, Payment Capability, Other Support Information in Your Site Design

Providing clear explanations of insurance plans accepted and options for uninsured patients needing ambulance transfers helps answer unanswered questions. This assures access and can also help you reach people by way of search engines who are looking for a service that falls within their particular provider. There may also be other information relative to specific services that is common and requires a phone call or email to get answers and the website can be a great vehicle to convey this information and have an official reference point. The integration of these information items can save customer frustration and employee time. Offering payment capability with WordPress can lessen your accounts payable waiting on mail invoices or phone calls.

Emergency Response Explanations and Non-Emergency Service Detail

It's key to describe the dispatch process, types of life-support equipment/training and service areas covered for emergency calls or other types of services offered. This builds confidence with the site viewer needing or arranging service. Everyone wants to know what to expect and depending on which employee the customer talks to, they can be left with different impressions. Take this latency out of the equation and instill more confidence in your consumer. It's important in this space to have a web designer and developer who understands EMS Emergency Medical Services website design and Emergency Management.

Fleet Showcases Can be Done with Ease with a New or Existing WordPress Website

Photos, videos and details on ambulances, specialty vehicles, onboard technology and equipment show the consumer you're state of the art. Highlighting these state-of-the-art capabilities builds instills confidence in the consumer and places you are the forefront of showing that you have the best capability for their needs.

Patient Experience Stories Go a Long Way

Spotlight first-hand accounts from patients positively impacted by the ambulance service care and transport. Adding emotional appeal to your service offering takes the scare factor away and helps people understand the feelings others have been left with during their experience. This can be essential in making the difference between engaging with your company or moving on to the next competitor.

Community Involvement Highlights

News on medical standbys, partnerships, safety classes, charity work and ways the service gives back to the community can go a long way. People want a company that they feel is involved in the betterment of the life around them and this fosters goodwill. Every great thing the company does that isn't shown to the public is a missed opportunity to further strengthen the way the company is viewed and it's something commonly overlooked on websites, which is the perfect place to highlight such occurrences. You do the work to be involved in the community. Take credit for it as a strong business benefits all customers, past, present and future. There are a lot of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers, you need to stand out from the rest by showcasing innovative features and information showcases. Every state has a long list of registered EMS providers and we serve them all!

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