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Let Your WordPress Website Handle Event Listings and Show Information

Letting visitors view and search for upcoming performances, exhibits and screenings allows them to connect with you and keep tabs on your future events and engage with the ticket buying process. People bounce around on your promotions on social networks and need a single point of entry for ticket purchases and this is where your WordPress website comes into play. You want to make this process of finding information on shows and ticket buying easy. WordPress integrates with third party apps for ticket sales and also allows you to build in your own units, complete with credit card processing and advanced features. An experienced WordPress Designer familiar with building modules for Arts and Entertainment Organizations can help you bring it all together, whether you are adding these components as a feature to your existing WordPress website or making this a part of a redesign on WordPress.

Digital Ticketing Online with WordPress Provides a Managable Structure

Visitors want to purchase tickets online. Whether you want to handle the payment processing for this yourself online via your website or integrate with a third party app, WordPress is the perfect solution as it's capable of integrating with about anything. Tickets are often limited in quantity and handling the inventory and different price points can be challenging. Having all of the event related items together ahead of time is essential for attendees. Some event planners also like to give QR codes for check-in. Allowing visitors to securely purchase seats and access tickets from any device for paperless entry really makes the experience wonderful for the attendee. It's also a great benefit for prospective attendees interested in shows to be able to add scheduled events to their personal Google, iCal, Outlook calendar with one click. "add to my calendar." With WordPress, we can integrate these types of features and make the experience seamless.

Artist/Performer Spotlights Connect Attendees to Your Cast of Charachters

It's great to share background on key players, directors, curators and musicians involved with the production. This helps people on the internet discover the specific people and exhibitions they are interested in and gives a point of stability to share into social networks. Doing this once is not so much a challenge, but as you get to multiple shows with multiple players, integration of management modules and features is essential. With a properly working unit, updating and adding these profiles per show can be made much easier. WordPress is a great match for organizing and offering these types of information profiles.

Multimedia Gallery Showcases Engage Website Visitors

Showcasing past productions, installations, photos, videos, recordings and reviews becomes managable with a WordPress website. Nothing is better than an in-person show, but people want to have some understanding of what they are going to be experiencing. You can integrate video to allow people to preview highlights from previous shows or performances. You might want to host these on your site or on YouTube, but WordPress makes this process easy and the net result are people hyped up about purchasing tickets and being a part of the energy of the production.

Customizable Calendars Help Patrons and Attendees Balance Scheduling with their Lives

Being able to keep track of when upcoming shows of interest are happening or those for which tickets have been purchased is a feature that can really keep your fans and attendees in touch and streamlined to the event dates. The ability to add an organization’s scheduled public events to their personal Google, iCal, Outlook calendar with one click with something like "add to my calendar" goes a long way with keeping attendees "sticky" to the event dates and also helps them more easily reference them to others that they know that might be interested in attending without having to go digging and looking for information. We get this pretty easy on social networks like Facebook, but having this on your WordPress website can really aid participants in making sure they don't schedule conflicting activities on the event date and time.

Donation/Membership Sign-Ups Options to donate, register as a member or subscriber.

WordPress can place donations, memberships and recurring funding within your reach. There are quite a few really great options for conducting these particular types of campaigns that integrate to WordPress designs. Some people just can't attend events or are regionally out of the scope of being able to do so, but still wish to be a supporter. Tapping into this extra channel can help both keep connected with passionate fans, but also provide an opportunity to offer specialized content in exchange for those who are there for you for the long haul or to prop you up.

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