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An Experienced WordPress Designer for Architects and Architecture Firms Helps Demonstrate a Firms Capabilities

Showcase past project designs through photos, videos, renderings and details on buildings created via an interactive portfolio or several portfolios. Expansive project portfolios allow visitors to fully appreciate the scope of a firm's talents. WordPress sites make spotlighting stunning projects a reality through sortable, searchable galleries mixed with videos, animations and text detailing the challenges, solutions and results for each building or project. With WordPress, you can also integrate interactive 3D models to let visitors digitally explore top designs. Keeping portfolios updated does not have to be a major endeavor and this type of functionality can be added to an existing WordPress site or be made a part of a new site build or redesign.

Client Testimonials Instill Confidence in Prospective Clients

Build Credibility: Spotlight feedback from clients on working with the firm on quality of plans and final builds. Client testimonials can greatly sway visitors evaluating your firm for assistance with their projects. WordPress can allow clients to easily leave feedback directly on the site or be integrated with a third party feedback follow-up solicitation provider. Moderation capabilities also allow control over which spotlight endorsements get published publicly. By proactively seeking reviews, your firm can accomplish both instilling a feeling in the client that the firm cares about their thoughts as well as boosting confidence of other prospective clients evaluating the firm.

Design Approach Explanations and Process Run-Throughs, Easily Managed on a WordPress Website

Convey Vision, Control and Management Capability: Elaborate on your architectural planning process, sustainable/green building expertise, space efficiency methods and personalized design philosophy. Articulating a firms unique process demonstrates the thoughtfulness put into client relationships and spaces designed around their needs. WordPress layouts, complementary visuals and engaging content clearly yet aesthetically communicate the way collaborating works in your environment. From initial vision through final walkthrough, visitors gain insights on what working together will be like through your visual aids and process descriptions. Presenting methodology also provides an opportunity to have the client understand that your experience lends them a hand as you've already adopted a system based on learning and problem solving.

Add Prestige and Confidence: Awards Section Highlights

Accolades, press features, contest wins and recognitions go a long way with consumers in terms of affirming the talent and reputation of a firm. A website is the perfect place to showcase this as part of your overall forward presentation over the internet. Instilling confidence is probably the most important single thing that converts prospects to clients.

Team Member Bios Details Make the Clients Feel Like Part of the Team

Information on backgrounds, certifications, skills and experience for each architect, designer and key staff member provides transparency and also makes a human connection between the team and the client. A faceless operator is just that. They're real people, but they don't make the full connection between humans. By adding bios, you'll find that your clients will be more apt to communicate in a friendly fashion and be less demanding. This happens when they can put a name to a face and envision the struggle on the other end of their issue.

Interactive Technologies Integrate Well with WordPress Websites

Virtual tour technology, 360 renderings, 360 photos, 3D fly-throughs and interactive floor plans allow website visitors to digitally explore designs and provides an experience that engages viewers and prospective clients. These can really set you apart from the pack competition wise and are typically worth the investment into either obtaining a service provider or platform that integrates to the website. There was a time when this technology was out of reach, but due to adoption, it's much more accessible now and can mean the difference between converting prospective customers or having them go to the competition.

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