Statistics on WordPress Themes

How many WordPress Themes are there out in the Wild? Do you know? Well, here are some Statistics on WordPress Themes.

Here’s a really good website to better understand the WordPress themes ecosystem and statistics as a whole with stats like how many non-default themes there are and the average number of themes per theme developer and other stats relative to WordPress themes and theme developers.

This helps understand the overall impact of WordPress compared to other CMS’s. Even without considering WordPress Default Themes, 323 Million+ is a huge number!

So if you want to stay current with understanding the impact of themes, check back to the page on the link above to get an updated total and check the statistics often.

Understanding the Stats:

(at the time of writing, there were 6208 themes)
Stats Below Were at the Time of Writing
Check the Page for Updated Stats

Again, these are including the default themes, for example, when you setup a new WordPress site, there will be themes you can use as a starter. This of course makes the first total greater.

Statistics Including Default Themes

  • Downloads: 425,342,604
  • Active Installs: 12,466,840
  • Average Rating: 90% *small fraction rated
  • Total Authors: 785
  • Average Installs: 2008 *per theme
  • Diversity Score: 64%

Not Including Default Themes

(at the time of writing, there were 6189 themes)
(not including the core themes installed with WordPress)
Including Default Themes

  • Downloads: 323,154,075
  • Active Installs: 8,485,240
  • Average Rating: 90% *small fraction rated
  • Total Authors: 784
  • Average Installs: 1371 *per theme
  • Diversity Score: 74%

So not including default WordPress Themes makes the total lesser, this has a direct impact on the statistics.

Undeniably, it can be difficult to get a hold of stats like this, it’s really easy to see that there are a lot of themes out there!

In short, these downloadable themes show the adoption of WordPress, which is a direct indication of how many users utilize WordPress for their business or online endeavors, and this is a direct indication of the success of WordPress in the business environment, which most of use are already aware of and the stats and statistics here support community adoption.

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