Community Participation

I've been fortunate to be able to contribute to the WordPress
Open Source Project

WordCamp organizer, past work on the documentation team for the website and contributing to the WordPress marketing team as well as attending many WordCamps across in multiple states in the USA has been a blessing and brought me to many places meeting so many amazing, talented people.

Tom Ford and Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Nashville 2018

Docs Team

WordPress Docs Team Coffee Hour

Getting involved with the team has allowed me to connect with other hard working designers and developers while working on the website and support items.

In the past, I have served on the WordPress Docs Team helping out with miscellaneous on the website.

I've also been fortunate to have been able to contribute to the WordPress Marketing Team doing SEO writing for the website.

Meetups and WordCamps

Tom and Otto at regional WordCamp Nashville a year before WordCamp US there

You can't leave out just what a good time it can be to meet up with old friends you've met before and the tremendous opportunity to meet new ones. If you talk to any WordPresser that's been around for awhile, they'll tell you what a great time WordCamps and Local Meetup Groups can be.

I've also served as a WordCamp Organizer for the San Diego regional area.

I proudly have run the syndicated news site that helps myself and others keep up with the latest news and happenings across the community, themes and plugins and developers and designers. Syndicated News Website

Once a home base for my WordPress development, I've transitioned to using this site and turning this into a dedicated news and information site available to the public. This has been a way for me to use my experience and talents in my own unique way in order to give back to the community.