Tom Ford: Your Expert WordPress Designer and Developer

Unlock the Power of WordPress with 18+ Years of Experience!

Experience that Matters

With over 18 years in the industry, Tom Ford brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every WordPress project.  If you’re interested, I have a detailed experience timeline here:

My Story and Journey with WordPress

A Proven Track Record

Tom’s journey began by managing a group of flat HTML websites that had outgrown manageability. Since then, he has successfully operated a WordPress website with over 100,000 posts and achieved the remarkable feat of ranking #1 for the keyword phrase “WordPress Webmaster” for an impressive 7 years.

Trusted by Prominent Organizations

Tom’s excellence extends beyond individual projects. He has worked with grant recipients from prestigious institutions such as the Carnegie Foundation and LISC (Local Initiatives Service Corporation). His past experience includes projects associated with renowned organizations like the United Nations and a DHS (Department of Homeland Security) graduate level learning center at (SDSU) San Diego State University.

Innovation at Its Core

In addition to his extensive experience, Tom operates an innovation lab project where he consistently pushes the boundaries of web development. By keeping one foot in the future, design approaches keep in mind where technology is going tomorrow.

Immersive Development, Future

Tom not only designs and develops websites but also participates in immersive web development projects. With his expertise, your website will go beyond being just another online presence; it will be an immersive experience for your target audience.

Web Process Optimization

Have you ever been on a website and thought to yourself, “this is really hard.”  “I just can’t find what I want.”  “Why are there so many steps?”  “Then the phone rings..”

We’re all busy in today’s day and age and a boggy process can mean the difference in a customer abandoning their efforts.  Conversion rates can increase drastically by addressing these problems and unfortunately, the one size fits all nature of Web CMS software can often place us with too many steps or simply utilizing pre-packaged features that place things in a less than optimal position for ease of use.  This is the number one complaint customers have.

This directly correlates with the success of your endeavor and Tom is an expert in addressing these issues.

Client Data Protection

Your customer data is your “lifeblood.”  We often don’t think of the ramifications of inviting a random support person into a site to address issues as it’s common for companies to provide support, but with that comes access to key customer data that can be very dangerous.

This is the reason many people hire Tom.  They want one point person they know they can trust to responsibly manage development endeavors and fixes.

Elevate your WordPress game today with Tom Ford – the expert who blends experience, innovation, and unparalleled passion and integrity into every project!